U. of O. Campus

June 19, 1977

Since only one of the nice crowd of two dozen who turned out for this walk on the campus had done it last year, we did the old part over again. “Trees of the Oregon Campus” published by the U. of 0. is still awkward to use because of its large scale, but very detailed. A fine authority. We couldn’t believe one tree was really a linden, however. Perhaps the squirrel unconcernedly wolfing down Lawson Falsecypress (Port Orford Cedar) cones was the high point of the trip.

This jaunt is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in trees. It doesn’t have to be done in a group.

The campus strollers were Edna Bowles, Hannah, Jim, Mathew and Nathan Buch, Maxine Chism, Nancy and Mary Cooper, Wilma Downie, Laurence Hawkins, Jeanie Hawthorne, Art and Lillian Johnson, Barbara Kirk, Julie and Ruth Nichols, Dana Overstreet, Janice Pattison, Bonnie Rickard, Rita and Dave Sharp, Heather and Yvonne Young, and leader Grace Smith.

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