French Pete Trail

June 18, 1977

Eight of the original eleven sign-ups gathered in the grayness (two had a change of plans, and the third was still sleeping when we called to check!). Four young nonmembers and four older members drove up-river into eventual white clouds and sunshine.

Parking is spacious at the trailhead—and the creek was noisy and tumbling, the trail in excellent condition (and mostly shady, which we really appreciated as the day wore on). We found the five or six crossings interesting in the different hewn log bridges.

Wild flowers were frequent along our way—some late rhodies, patches of thimble berries, red and yellow honeysuckle, dwarf white iris, star flowers, & others not identified. A pair of pileated woodpeckers played hide and seek.

Lunch was eaten shortly before the three-mile marker, on mossy rocks by the creek bank—great for foot dunking! Jane and Janice headed back, and the others went on up-stream. A Boy Scout group was camped in one area, and other backpackers were on their way in.

Six of the group had not been in this area before, and we were pleased that they too find it most enjoyable. Hikers were Emmy Dale, Irene Flynn, Jane Hilt, Ted McMahon, Jeanette Overhaus, Dana Overstreet, Janice Pattison, and Pat Pattison, Leader.

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