Castle Rock

May 28, 1977

Fourteen of us left 19th and Patterson Streets at 8:05 a.m. under overcast skies. In Springfield all three carloads were stopped by the Southern Pacific—the slowest part of the whole trip! We received just enough raindrops to wet the-windshield a time or two, no more.

At Cougar Reservoir turn-off we met our three McKenzie Bridge members, and we went on up the logging road. We parked at the top-most road-cut, nibbled a few bites, changed into boots, hoped the heavy clouds wouldn’t dump the threatening downpour, and took to the trail.

About a dozen spring flowers smiled up in color on all sides. Fresh snow on Sawtooth Ridge and other close hill tops showed bright when clouds shifted. Eight Obsidians were introducing nine nonmembers to the beauties around us. A congenial, happy group; we could “see” through the overcast. Ed Orth, once a look-out at Castle Rock, had a host of memories with which to entertain. Though not yet noon, while on the summit we indulged in lunches and watched the cloud-play. We waited until almost arriving at the parking area for a complete view of one of the Sisters which even our experts couldn’t identify! Enthusiasm grew from the fresh spring air, from the newcomers’ eagerness to return to our mountains, and from the old timers’ basking in our Oregon beauty. The trippers were Carol Bourgerie, Joan Cofer, Heidi Didwiszus, Barbara Durchanek, Gladys Grancorvitz, Elaine and Wilbur Groner, Vi Johnson, Julie and Ruth Nichols, Ed Orth, Ann Raftree, Andy and Marie-Anne Thompson, Merle Traudt, Michelle VanDyke, and leader Barbara Stiles.

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