From Valley River Inn thru the Park

May 8, 1977

Was a pleasant morning rather on the cool side and a bit windy. Sun shone intermittently. There were quite a few flowers in bloom and we listened to the birds singing and could see a couple singing. We did not see the great blue heron on the river that Rolfe and I saw a couple of weeks ago.

We went to the end of the recently built path in the opposite direction of Alton Baker Park then turned around and followed the river through the park to the U. of O. foot bridge. From there we rounded the corner to see Autzen Stadium. We turned back and at the park we had a snack as we sat on a bench overlooking the water. It was warm and cozy there. No problems. There weren’t nearly as many bikers and joggers on the path as there had been when Rolfe and I scouted the trip. There are usually more people on the path than today. Frank and Sue Riemer accompanied the leaders Bertha and Rolfe Anderson.

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