Upper Hardesty Trail

May 8, 1977

First of all we were grateful it did not rain. It did the day before. Snow greeted us near the top. It was six inches deep when we arrived there. The view was magnificent.

The tracks of a coyote were visible; a few hawks, a grouse, and a pheasant greeted us. A few of us were not in good shape, but there was no complaining. A few had wet feet.

The top of a few peaks were blanked out by the clouds. The reservoir shore line was decidedly outlined by the low water, an unusual sight. Lee Hatch set the pace, and kept up spirits and there seemed considerable comaraderie all around. Those on the hike were Emaline Dale, Lee Hatch, Jackie and Mike Richardson, Parker Riddle, Connie and Millard Thomas, Dorothy Turner and leader Bob Walden.

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