Mt. Pisgah

April 30, 1977

Our first time Obsidian five-mile shuttle trip to Mt. Pisgah started at the Ridgeway Road entrance where we parked our cars and hiked 2.4 miles along the graveled path to the top. We were delighted with the weather, the views, wild flowers, zeolite minerals, oak groves, grassy meadows and the illusion that urban life was far away.

After lunch we hiked along the west side of the mountain across fields and a stream and back to the Seavy Loop trailhead where a car was parked to take the group back to their cars. Before leaving we saw the Dawn redwood tree that the Arboretum Society had planted earlier in the day at their tree planting ceremony. The arboretum, a park of trees collected throughout the world, is to occupy 118 acres on the west side of Mt. Pisgah.

Enthusiastically enjoying “the wilderness in our backyard” were David Collier, Donna Ferchland, Kyle and Sandra Fender, Hilary Hutchison, Ellen Jackson, Charlotte Lemon, Debbie Rogne, Ruth Romoser, Debbie and Louie Samano, Merle Traudt, Margaret Vandenburg, Mary Ellen West and leader Dot Leland.

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