Hardesty Trail-Crale Creek Road Loop

February 20, 1977

Seven hikers left Hiway 58 at the Hardesty trailhead and arrived at the Crale Creek road after two miles of climbing up the trail. We enjoyed a ten-minute snack break then after walking down the road a short distance took off down hill through salal and other assorted underbrush, over logs and under logs, and down a water course to a lower road. We found the skeletal remains of a young buck deer; the skull had antlers with two short spikes on each antler. After a two-mile walk down the road and a stop for lunch, we turned in on the South Willamette Trail to make our way back to the Hardesty Trail and down to the cars. Raindrops fell on us a few times and by the time we arrived at the cars it was really raining! We arrived back in town early after an enjoyable hike. Hikers were Emmy Dale, Karen Houglum, Elizabeth McMullin, Dick Mickelson, Ruth Romoser, Paula Vehrs and leader Helen Smith.

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