Old Baldy/Coburg Caves

January 15, 1977

A gloomy January day and a good size group started up Bowerman’s Road to the Coburg Caves. After a little bit of rain the skies became increasingly clearer with a nice day in the end. By 11:00 a.m. we had reached the Caves and got most of the people up the short, but tricky rock face that leads to the top. After a short rest stop we gook a quick cross-country trip to a nearby road that leads to Old Baldy. We were on top and enjoyed a nice view of the surrounding peaks.

On the way back we enjoyed a little show by Bob Walden on how to pet a bull! With all hikers safe and sound we returned about a mile from the starting point and used the car shuttle. This trip had a large turnout of twenty-nine people, four of whom were members and twenty-five nonmembers. We had a lot of young people and let us hope that we get a few more good sized groups like this.

Those who enjoyed the trip were Joe Anderson, Ted Bloch, Mary Bridgeman, Edith Carr, John Cecil, Pete Cecil (leader), Joan Cofer, Gladys Grancorvitz, Joella Hadland, Liz Igl, Joe Lowry, Grace McHenry, Elizabeth McMullin, Bill and Lois Monse, Mike and Tranesca Moravaih, Bonnie and Mark Phipps, Edie and Guy Post, Henrietta Richmond, Helen Smith, Jean Stevens, Jeff Trough, Bob Walden, Alex and Thelma Ziel, and Amanda Ziagler.

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