Rogue River Campout

June 20-26, 1977

Thirteen intrepid Obsidians found their way to Marial—it wasn’t easy. The weather turned ideal so on Tuesday an expedition up river to Ditch Creek and Battle Bar strained the muscles and started the blisters for the main event.

Next day saw most of the group casting off past Mule Creek Rapids, Paradise Bar, Brushy Bar, etc., to Tate Creek for overnight and on to Illahe the next day. Although the river was low the jet boats were running as far as Paradise Bar and many float boats passed us going down. We saw deer, osprey, etc.

The drivers were ferried back to Marial for the cars while the rest recuperated. On Friday we drove from Illahe campground to Oak Flat on the lower Illinois River, then followed the Illinois River trail as far as Buzzards Roost. From this point we could look down many hundred feet into the river and south toward Game Lake, Horsesign Butte, the upper Illinois River and Indigo Creek. Here we saw a king snake, many flowers and birds. We spent the heat of the afternoon swimming in the clear waters of the Illinois River. Saturday was spent on one’s own. Some dined at Lucas Lodge at Agness whereas others broke camp. Those attending were Marian Hooker, Clarence and Helen Landes, Colin and Allethe Macdonald, Dorothy Medill, Wes Prouty, Dorothy and Clarence Scherer, Merle Traudt, Paula Vehrs and Margaret and Ewart Baldwin, leaders.

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