May Day Pancake Breakfast

May 1, 1977

May Day Parade . . . of pancakes, eggs, ham, orange juice and coffee, all served in bowers of spring blossoms at the Lodge. Many Obsidians and friends responded as consumers and volunteers. Efficiency reined supreme, interspersed generously with smiles, goodwill, fellowship and elbow grease. The Princesses were in charge with help from some of the commoners. It was so successful it is difficult to wait another year. —Sue Riemer

More about the May Day Breakfast—

The annual Obsidian Pancake breakfast was a successful venture. Ninety-six people were fed, with ticket sales amounting to $142.20 with remaining food sold for $28.93. Food costs were $95.44 netting the Princess treasury $75.69 as reported by Cashier, Vera Heidenreich.

Committee Chairmen Dorothy Medill, Rose Marie Moffitt and Lois Schreiner arrived before 7:00 a.m. to activate the kitchen, with Ray Sims arriving before that to build the fire, turn on heaters, then help set up tables.

Kitchen and food came under the auspices of Lois and Dorothy aided by Leona Mattson, Helen Mathieson, Dorothy Leland, Mary Castelloe, Margaret Baldwin and Sue and Frank Riemer. Rose Marie managed the serving committee with the assistance of Velma Shirk, Mary Bridgenan, Muriel Aufderheide, Jane Hilt and Helen Hughes. Many of these people divided their time between both the dining & kitchen areas.

Flowers and decorations were arranged by Mae Cooper, Mary Castelloe, Myrtle Smith and Thelma Watson. The flowers were donated by Helen Mathieson, Mae Cooper, Rose Marie Moffitt, Jeanette Myers (nonmember), Myrtle Smith, Nellie Harmon and Florence Sims.

Entertainment was supplied by Glen Sims with a fine display of slides of Obsidian trips and an excursion into Mexico.

To top off the event, a very hungry group of Obsidian bicyclists descended upon the Lodge to do justice to the ham, eggs and hotcakes.

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