Recollections of the 40s & 50s

April 2, 1977

In celebration of our 50th Anniversary there was a full house at the potluck April 2—an estimated 90 in attendance. The tables were decorated by Myrtle Smith’s inimitable scenes of mountains, climbing and skiing. Prize pictures from the picture contests of those years lined the walls. There was a series of color slide enlargements made especially by Ray Sims and copies of camp newspapers. Several tables of scrap books, pictures, and mementos around the room held great interest before and after the program and there was much visiting among Obsidians who hadn’t seen each other for years.

Master of Ceremonies Clarence Scherer started after the bountiful potluck by reading from the program of the Silver Anniversary Banquet, April 18, 1953 his remarks which ended “See you all at the Golden Anniversary Party.” Presidents from the 40s and 50s introduced were Cliff Stalsberg, Florence Sims, Earl Britton, Gene Sebring, Lloyd Plaisted, Ray Sims, and Jim Jeppeson.

Ray Sims showed slides and told about the first John Craig Ski Race and a letter from Dennie Koupal was read telling of his part in the race. In remembering New Year’s Eve parties Lorena Shinn Reid told her story that won the liars contest in 1958. Editors of the Bulletins, early climb leaders, conservation workers, and camp chairmen and cooks were honored.

Summer camp, especially the large bus trips, were recalled by song, slides, and skits. Natalie Morgan and Marge Beaman with their mother Blanche Bailey at the piano introduced each group of slides with verses from the camp song and we joined in on the chorus. A water color of “Aunt Clara” painted especially for this occasion by Myrtle Smith highlighted the song for Glacier Park Camp (1953). Camp fire skits were from: the Grand Teton trip (1950)—Mat and Marge singing Romeo and Juliet; the Mt. Hood Camp (1954)—The vipers are coming by Les Cooper; and the 1957 Husband Lake Camp—Bette Hack and Gerry Fehly with their Camp Style Show.

(Many lingered after the program to renew old friendships and look at the mementos around the room.)

Our thanks to the committee of Dale Carlson, Bette Hack, Helen Hughes, Natalie Morgan, Ray Sims, and Myrtle Smith with special help from Mary Castelloe and Margaret Markley.

Clarence and Dorothy Scherer

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