The Husband

August 19-21, 1977

Pioneering a one-time 3-day loop trip, the group traveled Friday Frog Camp to Obsidian Falls seeing surprisingly few hikers. A ranger advised camping below the Falls in an effort to allow the over used meadows above to recover from two-year’s intensive use.

Saturday’s hike to Husband lake stayed high on the old Pacific Crest Trail avoiding the steep trail into Linton Meadows and providing an unusual but spectacular snowless skyline of the Three Sisters. Camp was made as clouds, thunder and lightning rolled in from the south punctuated by a rock fall off South Sister. Late p.m. hike to Linton Meadows and Linton Springs which literally springs from a black wall of perpendicular rock.

Ben Ross walked thru our camp and decided to join us adding spice to the evening with his Himalayan tales and fascinating maps/treatises on the origins of the Three Sisters area formations. Especially interesting: unraveling the legend of Mt. Multnomah.

Sunday’s climb: left 6:30, reached summit at 9:00 with Richmond and Mills rock climbing the west side while Ross and Wannier went up the eastside scree slope. Nice visit on top with Englishwoman leading an Outward Bound group. Displaying fine mountain manners, she invited us to clip into their handline down, thus causing us no delay.

The group bushwacked out a route scouted/ribboned by Greg Wannier from Eileen Lake to Linton Lake over extremely steep terrain. The leader wouldn’t recommend it for an organizational trip. The Husband is a rock climber’s delight and worthy of a trip if you haven’t made it yet. Best approach: south ridge from Husband Lake.

Climbers scrambling on the Husband were Henrietta Richmond, Ben Ross, Greg Wannier and leader Charlotte Mills.

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