Middle Sister

July 23-24, 1977

To avoid the dust, people and monotony of the Obsidian Trail, we parked near Alder Springs Campground and took the short trail to Linton Lake. After following up the full Linton Creek, past several beautiful waterfalls and meadows, we headed on a northeasterly course toward Lane Plateau and Obsidian Falls cross-country. After sighting all three Sisters and The Husband, we corrected our course slightly and came out on the Pacific Crest Trail a short distance below our intended campsite at Obsidian Falls. The hike from our car had taken eight hours with an hour out to wait for the skies to clear after a severe lightning and rain storm.

We started climb at 7:00 a.m. and were on the summit at 11:00. After lunch and rest in hot and still weather, headed for Frog Camp and ride back to our car. Soon after crossing the completely dry White Branch Creek at the lava flow, again had a little lightning and light rain. Stopped for snack at the Rustic Skillet and home at 8:00 p.m. Climbers were David DuBois, Larry Pitcher, and Wayne and leader Lee Hatch.

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