Three Fingered Jack

July 17, 1977

The group of eight climbers left the trail head at 5:45 am. We went in via the Skyline Trail. Hiked in and went up the ridge; we did not want to go up that scree slope on the west side of the mountain. When we got to the crawl we were the first people on the mountain, so we got across very fast and were on top of the mountain at 10:00 a.m. But the trip down went very slowly as there were people all over the place. So we all waited our turn to go down the chimney and the crawl. This took about four hours, and from there we went down the scree on the west slope and hiked out to the cars on the Skyline Trail.

Those on the climb were David Lewinsohn, Paul Bascom, Chris Orum, Richard & Robert Scherer, Ed Orth, Ken Daletas, and your faithful leader Kevin McManigal.

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