Mt. Hood

June 18-19, 1977

This climb was scheduled because some people that wanted to climb Hood June 4th and 5th could not be taken then because there were too many. So this extra climb was scheduled and 12 signed up. However only 7 made the trip. Five cancelled, some as little as three hours before departure time.

We left Timberline Lodge at 5:15 a.m., after spending the night at Alpine Campground. Arrived at the Silcox Hut at 7:00 and rested, ate and took off extra clothes. Many dressed down to shorts and light shirts as it was a warm, still, beautiful morning as was the whole day. On reaching the Hogsback we had a short wait for other climbers waiting there. Reached the summit at 12 noon. Descended the top 1000 feet on very soft snow, but no ice fall as two weeks earlier. The warm weather has melted all ice and snow from the rocks near the summit. Back to cars at 3:00 p.m. and home at 8.

Climbers: John Dewenter, Lee Hatch (leader), David Lewinsohn, Joel McClure, Larry Pearson, Jeff Petersen, Henrietta Richmond.

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