Three Fingered Jack

June 4-5, 1977

The three of us left Eugene under cloudy skies, not expecting much in the way of good weather. We arrived at the summit trailhead only to find it closed. Being a flexible group we changed our plans to hike in along the Pacific Crest trail & camp at Summit Lake. The trail was under snow and we were destined to hunting for blazes in the fog. We managed to find Summit Lake and made camp in a bare spot with a fine view to the east. The fog ended a few miles to the east and Smith Rocks were visible in the sun. About 8:30 the clouds broke and we walked to a small ridge to take pictures of the Sisters. On the way back to camp we found a better (flat) place to camp so we proceeded to move camp as the fog again covered us. Up at 6:30 to a beautiful, bright, cloudless, sunny day. At the crawl by 9:00. Speaking of the crawl, Bert likes it so well he went across a total of four times because on his first he forgot the rope! It was very windy on top so we didn’t stay long. A very fine trip with great company: Phil Baldner, Bert Ewing, and Randy Zustiak (leader).

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