Broken Top

March 26-27, 1977

Skied five miles from Bachelor up past Ditch Cabin in socked-in weather. Compassed around Ball Butte on steep icy crust to foot of Broken Top’s crater.

Dug-in our three-man tent, behind some trees out of the wind—er, somewhat. Quite a blizzard let loose. We spent the evening eating corn flakes and granola, saving our dinners for breakfast. Makes sense, huh? Ever face a Mountain House dinner first thing in the morning? Listened to the tent booming in the wind as we watched our candle lantern bobbing up and down from the ceiling. Large snow drifts piled against the tent burying some of our equipment thoughtfully left outside. (Hope we found all your tent pegs, Gary Kirk.)

In a.m. conditions were still rather messy and we never could see the mountain. Decided it might still be there later so we packed and skied out, circling north around Ball Butte.

Our yesterday’s tracks were well covered, so Jerry guessed and compassed us (depending on who you talk to!) back to Bachelor. Sure am glad we hauled along all those ropes and ice axes and ice screws and miscellany.

Interesting trip, though. Especially being forced to tire chains at the police roadblock on the Santiam. Jerry Calbaum and Glenn Meares accompanied the leader, Bert Ewing on this non-climb.

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