Lady Rose Special

September 6-12, 1977

Leaving Eugene at 7:15 after awaiting the arrival of Virginia West, who was stuck in the elevator of her apartment house, we were on our way north. It was a beautiful morning and gave promise to the lovely weather we enjoyed throughout the entire trip. Reaching Vancouver at 6:00 p.m. our bus driver took us for a short tour of Old Gas Town and China Town. Unlike Eugene, everything closes promptly at 5:30. Many of us made a trip to “Cloud Nine” (42nd floor) of our hotel to see the view. It was very spectacular, with a view of the sound.

Three ferry rides next day took us to Courtenay, our stop for the night. Thursday we spent at Wickaninnish Inn. This was a great experience, with lovely beach, barbecued salmon for dinner, and the atmosphere of quaintness. It seems too bad that the inn will close and others will not be able to enjoy it. We boarded the Lady Rose at Uclewlet for a ninety-mile trip that filled part of Friday afternoon, with a stay at Parksville for the night. A train ride over some very high trestles took us to Victoria on Saturday. We stayed at the Royal Scott Inn where two keys were needed to reach our room.

Many activities were available to us: A ride on a double-decker bus for a tour of the city, a visit to the Provincial Museum, the Wax Museum, tea at the Empress Hotel, a visit to Butchart Gardens, the lights on the government buildings at night, to name a few. Then on Monday a ferry ride, two short contacts with customs, and a long ride home. Dinner at the Galleria in Portland, arriving in Eugene at 10:00 p.m.

Thirty-seven travelers enjoying the week were Edith Carr, Ella Carrick, Melvin & Grace Carter, Elizabeth Concemius, Gertrude Eaton, Marguerite Granthem, Vera Heidenreich, Jane & Larry Hilt, Virginia Horton, Ruth Keyes, Bea Lefevre, Helen Mathiesen, Cedric & Fay Moffett, Elizabeth Officer, Janice and Pat Pattison, Hazel & Russell Peck, Jacqueline Porch, Helen Rathke, Olive Rebham, Alford and Lila Smith, Grace Smith, Myrtle Smith, Clifford & Hazel Stalsberg, Betty Waddell, Mary-Douglass Stovall, Thelma Watson, Maxcine Williams, and leaders Frances Newsom, Betty Mae Stamm & Virginia West.

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