Booth Lake Area

April 17, 1976

Where is Booth Lake? We know it is somewhere out there because the leader has found it by compass on two previous occasions. But on April 17 Booth Lake was nowhere to be seen. A group of 12 started out on snowshoes on a drizzling morning and tracked through new snow by map and compass to the meadows past Square Lake where during a rest stop we were joined by three others who had not been expected.

At about 1:00 p.m. we decided that since we had not reached Booth Lake, we’d eat lunch and return to the cars. The weather was getting colder and wetter and by the time we reached the highway it was snowing hard. In spite of the fact that we did not reach our destination, we agreed it had been lots of fun, good exercise, and worth trying again. Those slogging along were, Earl Erickson, Rob Faulds, Gloria Feider, Linda Glazer, Dee Hutton, Lily Keesom, Gale Orford, Glenn Meares, Jan Middleswart, Linda Palin, Wes Prouty, Parker Riddle, Merle Traudt, Dorothy Turner, and Phyllis Ford, leader.

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