Big Lake

April 11, 1976

We skied across the saddle between Hoodoo and Hayrick Butte about 10:30 a.m. and glided down between the burnt tree snags. Then our party set track for Big Lake at a 160° compass bearing. We had a leisurely lunch on the snow covered lake and completed our loop trip going out via the east side of Hayrick. Three Fingered Jack to the north and Mount Washington to the south were clear and majestic against drifting white clouds. Our friendly Oregon sun was responsible for seven red noses and tanned smiles. There were only a few snowmobiles in the area this day and not bothersome in the least. Maybe the snowmobilers are switching to cross country ski touring—good idea. This was a very enjoyable five mile loop trip around Hayrick Butte and a repeat is recommended for next year on approximately the same date.

Enjoying the sun and drifting clouds were, Dorothy Leland, Glenn Meares, Jan Middleswart, Wes Prouty, Parker Riddle (leader), Merle Traudt, and Dorothy Turner.

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