Hoodoo to White Branch

April 3-4, 1976

With the many miles to travel we made early start (6:00 a.m.). Leaving a car at White Branch, we drove on up to Hoodoo. We left Hoodoo at 9:00 a.m. and in an hour were on the far side of Big Lake. The next four miles through the woods was the most difficult. It took four to five hours to reach the lava fields. The lava makes excellent late season ski touring country—open, moderately sloping and undulating. We camped right but in the middle of the lava about two miles due west of Belknap Crater. The weather was so beautiful that we made no attempt to find a sheltered spot. Another early start the next day and we were soon on the McKenzie highway. We coasted down the hill and were at White Branch by mid-afternoon, somewhat earlier than expected.

We had a couple of explorers, Steve Johnson and Randy Harp. Jack Nitzel who goes on most all winter ski trips was with us. Tony Jones from Melbourne, Australia was the fourth member, he had a lot of go. Marriner Orum was the leader.

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