Hoo Doo to Fish Lake

March 14, 1976

We assembled promptly and had an early start. Merle Traudt left his car at FS 1370, a mile north of Clear Lake, and he and his passengers rode on to Hoo Doo in the Shirk van, where we all assembled again. Glen Meares came over from Corvallis and met us too, to make a party of 15. The weather was warm, but clouds and snow obscured the mountain views. Six to eight inches of fresh wet snow also made finding the right wax a challenge as we skied past the red chair and between Hoo Doo and Hayrick. Our route took us around to the south side of Hoo Doo and then west past Sand Mtn. By the way, when Sand Mtn. is hidden by clouds, the next butte to the north looks almost like it. But our map and compass got us back in the right direction after we made a big swing to the north. Once we found the Old Santiam Wagon Road, it was downhill all the way. Merle Traudt improved his downhill skills but Bev Juilfs counted up so many “falls” she sounded like a wrestler.

Once we left Hoo Doo Butte behind, we saw few tracks, no snowmobiles and few other skiers. It was a great day—but let’s do it again when it is clear and sunny.

On the trip were Bert Ewing, Ed and Karen Gillilan and son Ian, Myra Howe, Bev Juilfs, Win Liepe, Glen Meares, Jack Nitzel, Anita Paulsen, Wes Prouty, Mike Shirk, Velma Shirk (leader), Merle Traudt, Carol White, and Nancy White.

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