Crater Lake

March 6-7, 1976

An early start Saturday enabled us to reach Crater Lake and the lodge by noon. After providing for the cars and resting at the lodge, we started skiing north towards the Watchman, taking time out along the way to practice downhill techniques on some good slopes, but less than desirable snow (it was crusty). Continuing on beneath blue skies and an almost hot sun, we reached camp about 3:30 for more downhill practice, picture taking, sight seeing, and general relaxation.

The first thing we noticed Sunday morning was the clouds. Later, about 9:00 a.m., snow began to fall, and continued falling all day. Heading for the summit of The Watchman, we encountered treacherous snow conditions at one point, steep and wind packed. We detoured around this area, but not before one dauntless young buck had streaked across alone.

Because of the weather, we didn’t stay long on the summit, but returned to camp, packed up, and left for the cars, stopping at the lodge for a leisurely lunch.

Skiers were, Tom Dickson, Bert Ewing, Glenn Meares, Annette Miller, Glenn Miller, Jack Nitzel (leader), Marriner Orum, Paul Orum, Tom Rhodes, Randy Zustiak.

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