Davis Lake

February 21, 1976

Six members and six nonmembers went on this trip to Davis Lake. The weather was great—some sunshine and a balmy breeze blowing. The snow conditions were an improvement over the past month of ice that we have been struggling with. The view of Batchelor, Broken Top, and the Sisters was spectacular from Davis Lake.

The complaints I heard expressed about the trip were really just wondering about how a trail could be uphill all the way in and uphill all the way out, too. It did seem to take forever coming out—but it was a great day and a great trip. On the trip were, Anne & Ken Hillyer, Kathryn Kingson, Dorothy Leland, Glen Meares, Jan Middleswart, Parker Riddle, Charlene Simpson, Merle Traudt, Carol White, Kristin Young, and Dorothy Hayes, the leader.

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