Hardesty Mt.

February 8, 1976

This was originally scheduled as a cross-country ski trip to Cinnamon Butte near Diamond Lake (with the alternative of a hike in Boulder Creek on the Umpqua National Forest), but lack of good snow conditions and a small sign-up created a consensus to try something closer to Eugene. Hardesty Mt. was selected. The weather was partially clear and cold, but the early morning sun was incentive enough to hit the trail near Goodman Creek. Lunch on top the 4,260 foot summit—with lingering snow patches—was most enjoyable, though windy.

We had arrived early (about eleven), so discussed taking the Sawtooth trail to Eagle’s Rest and Mt. June, but then decided instead to seek out the Eula Ridge trail for the return trip to highway 58. Plunging down this steep trail, sometimes following blazes over portions of the trail which had been nearly obliterated by the windfall of small fir branches and debris, we decided this was a great trail for downhill, but no way to climb up.

Although there was not much indication that the Forest Service had completed recent trail maintenance on the Eula Ridge trail, Merle and I decided that the trail had been cleared relatively recently due to the many cut logs—some still quite light yellow-brown in color and without much fungus growth. The lower end of the trail (last mile or mile and a half), incidentally, is in good shape and easy to follow.

Those on the trip were: Nancy Duhnkrack, Terry C. Jones, Holway R. Jones, the leader, and Merle Traudt.

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