Windy Point

January 31, 1976

On this trip we had a fine group of 15. We parked about ¾ of a mile below the snow gate on the east side of the old McKenzie hiway. The snow condition was too crusty for the snowshoers and most of the skiers, so this trip turned into more of a hike than a combination snowshoe/ski venture. The entire party had arrived at Windy Point by 1:00 p.m. and we could see forever. Jeff, Washington, and Hood were diamonds in the sky. We stayed at Windy Point for about an hour lunching, jawing, and enjoying, then the skiers slithered off in an easterly direction (should have brought ice skates) and the rest of the group had an enjoyable hike down.

Some of us stopped at John and Lenore McManigals’ place in Sisters for a friendly visit on our way home. Enjoying a memorable January 31 day in the high Cascades were: Jay Anderson, Mary Bridgeman, Peter Cecil, Shawn Collins, Beverly Juilfs, Marj Koblas, Sam Miller, Andrew Nelson, Wes Prouty, leader, Tom Rhodes Parker Riddle, co-leader, Helen Smith, Ted Stern, Merle Traudt, Carol White.

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