Saddle Lake

October 24, 1976

There were nineteen fine hikers along on this outing. We arrived at Fawn Lake at 11:00 a.m. and made it up to Saddle Lake by noon. Saddle is a lovely little lake with sandy beaches and crystal clear water nestled between Lakeview Mountain and Redtop Mountain. The elevation at the lake is 6,160 feet. We just had our lunches started when we were greeted by a swirling, white snowstorm, the first of the Winter. We were planning to spend en hour or so at Saddle but the snowy weather encouraged us to hurry with our lunches and head back down to Fawn Lake and the lower elevation. Dorothy Turner started a rip-roaring fire at Fawn and we all warmed up a bit and then continued on down and out to the cars. All in the group were dressed quite well for the weather so no one got too cold or uncomfortable. We did carry out a few blisters, though. Paula harvested some nice mushrooms for her gourmet cooking and Clarence generously shared his lunch with the blue Jays. The first snowfall of the winter has always been very special to me and this fine, blustery, windy, snowy day proved no exception, especially when I had eighteen warm friends along to share. Sitting in the snow were Mary Borman, Bob Capron, Gladys Grancorvitz, Dorothy Hayes, Vi Johnson, Clarence Landes, Joe Lowry, Jenny, Pat and Sharon McFarren, Glenn Meares, Larry Pagter, Wes Prouty, Parker Riddle (leader), Lois Schreiner, Gigi Stecklein, Merle Traudt, Dorothy Turner and Paula Vehrs.

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