Horse Rock

October 17, 1976

This tour turned out to be a variety trip. First we were shown the large rock and gem collection at the Paschelke home in Marcola. Then we drove to a few historic places in the Mohawk valley such as the original site of the town of Mabel where approximately 500 people resided at one time, mostly as sawmill employees. Now there are only a few homes here and all that’s left of the old mill is the concrete foundation. Then we drove out Shotgun Creek Rd., scared all the hunters away, and hiked up to Horse Rock for lunch and a good view of the valleys. Air pollution was bad as I’ve seen in a long time. On the way back we stopped to see the Paschelke swimming hole at the confluence of Mohawk River and Mill Creek. Leo and son John constructed a 28' diving platform here. There’s 11' of water below. Scarey? I’ll say. Anyone for a high dive into a cold pool? Then home after a warm and wonderful day. On the Rock: Gladys Grancorvitz, Dorothy Hayes, Joe Lowry, Leo Paschelke, leader, Parker Riddle, Merle Traudt, Paula Vehrs.

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