June Lake

October 3, 1976

Another new, delightful unexplored area taken on a crisp, cool morning in warm sunlight. The narrow, twisting trail through open virgin timber appeared to be only slightly used. Many varied species of mushrooms were observed, and huckleberries were still edible around the lake.

The high country breathed early history around every corner with names like Pioneer Gulch, Emigrant Creek, Mutton Meadows, and Military Wagon Road. The large, open lake surrounded by high points above the solid forest revealed but one campfire area with no litter, and suggested a beautiful spot to:
1. write a book, 2. compose a song, 3. contemplate the marvel of nature. The abundant life found here in the form of ducks, grouse, grey squirrels, chipmunks, frogs, tadpoles, salamanders, hellgramites and fish make this lake basin an enchanting retreat for an individual or group for a few hours or a weekend.

Estelle Bates, Mike Bates, Chuck Berkey, Bob Cox, leader, Dorothy Hayes, Robin McFarland, Elizabeth McMullin, Marilyn Morris, Robert Morris, Gigi Stecklein, Merle Traudt, Lin Trombley, Joe Lowry.

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