Little Brother

September 11-12, 1976

Left Eugene 7:15, arrived at Obsidian Camp at 9:10. 9:40 left for Little Brother. 11:55 at White Branch Creek, 65 degrees temp. Ate lunch there. 12:35 left on hike again, saw lots of people. Upon arriving at Scott Camp, we couldn’t see the trail up to Arrowhead Lake. We just followed a couple up the steep slopes on the right and finally arrived there at 2:30. We set up and looked for firewood. At 4 p.m. the wind picked up so Pete and I decided to put the tents up. The wind later became real bad, so we put rocks on the tent pegs so they wouldn’t pull out. Dinner at 4:30, and a real nice fire later (made by Pete), 5:10 temp dropped to 47 degrees and the clouds were real thick and you couldn’t see Sunshine Meadows. At 6:20 temp dropped to 44 degrees and wind was about 60 m.p.h. The trees were swaying all over the place. 8 p.m. there was some clearing and temp 46 degrees.

Sunday, Sept. 12—7:10 up—temp 35 degrees and clear. Some wind. We decided to postpone the Little Brother climb and take the Obsidian Loop instead. After breakfast and a nice fire (made by Dave) we hiked down the ridge to some nice lakes and on to the Obsidian loop trail, picked up lots of pieces of Obsidian, but didn’t find any arrowheads. At White Branch at 12:05—70 degrees. Ate lunch there and arrived at the car at 3:10. While we loaded up the car, some ‘nut’ was shooting his 22 in the campground. Home at 5:30. Nice hike and good time. Pete did an excellent job as assistant leader.

Peter Cecil (age 14), Dave Zevenbergen (leader), Mark Zevenbergen (age 9), and Mike Zevenbergen (age 11).

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