Martin-Summit Lakes

September 11, 1976

Clarence Landes took five in his big Dodge Pickup since we were spending the night at Sisters instead of returning to Eugene. The weather was overcast and cool. At Booth Lake we could see a large party of climbers not moving very fast on the crawl of Three Fingered Jack. We ate lunch at Martin Lake and were entertained by a cute ground squirrel who ate nuts offered him by Clarence and then also chewed on cones like he was eating an ear of corn. He buried some also. As we were leaving Martin Lake a large group of teen-age members of a Salem YMCA group arrived thinking they were at Summit Lake. Clarence pointed them in the correct direction. However, we arrived at Summit Lake long before they did and were having our second lunch when they arrived. Summit Lake had two large groups of climbers who intended to climb Jack the next day. As we left Summit Lake the weather seemed to be closing in, the clouds were sailing around Jack’s pinnacle very fast and we were glad we were not on top.

Hikers: Jean Dent, Clarence Landes, John and Lenore McManigal (leaders), Lois Schreiner, Merle Traudt, E. G. Swift-White.

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