Irish Mountain

September 6, 1976

Three people assembled at the 19th and Patterson parking lot ready to hike. Then, at the last minute, another person showed up and wanted to go, only he had to go shopping first for food. He want ed to stay overnight and camp at the campgrounds. Well, he never did catch up with us. We left Eugene and picked up one more passenger part way un the McKenzie. We arrived at Skookum Creek Camp around 10 a.m., changed into boots, put on coats, etc., and shivered. It was cold. We killed some time, then decided to start up the trail and get warm. We walked steadily, not fast. Several miles up the trail, I spotted a pileated woodpecker at work and managed to get everyone up to where they could see him before he flew away. Later, down the trail, we found a hen grouse with at least one chick. The chick flew, but mama stayed put. She was very close, so we had a good look.

We arrived on top around 2 p.m., had a look around, took a couple pictures and got back down into the saddle to a sunny sheltered spot to eat as the wind was cold. Around 3 p.m., we headed back to the car, arrived about 6 p.m. Soon we were on our way back to town where it was warm.

Hikers were, Vern Nelson, Lois Schreiner, Merle Traudt, leader, Greg Wannier.

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