Glaze Lake

September 5, 1976

This was one of the most delightful areas of pristine wilderness I have ever been in since I can remember. Heading southwest out of Benson Lake, we soon found signs of a trail—faintly, but it was there.

We immediately camped upon Swamp Lake. All the lakes but Glaze and Elf we named ourselves, for identification. We turned west off the trail, and came upon Meadow Lake—broad, shallow, and with grazing areas.

Up and over a ridge we could see way down into Pocket Lake, surrounded on all sides by cliffs and scree slopes. A stiff climb up the ridge and into Lily Lake—small and delightful. We ate lunch at Scree Lake, not more than one acre at the most, but with legal-size fish in it. Over the ridge, we scrambled into Glaze Lake. It also had fish in it. From atop the cliff on one side of it, we could spot elderberries, asters, and Penstemon.

Cross country to Elk Lake, deep and lovely, then past Timber Lake and on down onto the faint trail we came in on. The day was slightly overcast and warm, and with three professional guides, how could I miss making it a thoroughly delightful trip? Travelers were, Bob Capron, Lois Schreiner, Helen Smith, and Bob Cox, Leader.

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