Olallie Trail–Rebel Rock

August 28-29, 1976

Saturday morning at 8:30 we (two hikers) left the Olallie trail, east fork road crossing, heading for Olallie guard station. At the guard station, we stashed our camping supplies and headed down the trail with day and bivouac gear. After five miles we switched to the Rebel Creek trail, ate a late lunch at Beeler Spring then continued to the Rebel Creek, Pyramid Mt. Junction. Here, we left the trail and ridge hiked about 1½ miles on the ridge between the headwaters of Rebel Creek and the South Fork of the McKenzie. This trek on the ridge took us to the base of the rock outcropping that is called Rebel Rock. At 4:20 we had ascended to the small loose rocked summit. After the descent of the Rock, we hiked north through the trees and brush down into Rebel Creek. Near here we found the lost forest of the tree sized stinging nettles. There appeared to be no way around it so we had to go through. After 30 minutes of nearly unbearable torture, we reached Rebel Creek trail near Rebel Creek Sheep Camp. We followed the trail back up out of Rebel Creek and returned to Beeler Spring. Darkness was setting in so we decided to spend the night there. After a long uncomfortable night without sleeping bags we left to return to the guard station before daylight. After reaching the Olallie Trail once again for our return we had an enjoyable hike across the headwaters of French Pete Creek and to Bear Flats. It was early morning, the meadows here were very becoming. Sunlight was beaming all different bright colors from the dew driplets hanging from the grass as we hiked through.

Soon we arrived at the “Olallie Hilton” for a long rest and a great breakfast. I was very happy to see the terrific shape the guard station is now in, my thanks to Helen, Mary and the others. We hiked out to the trail crossing, reaching it at 1:30. This brought to a close a hard inspiring hike, occurring during one of the few short stretches of good weather we’ve experienced this summer.

Ken Ball (leader) and Rick Peterson made this hike together.

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