Lava Camp to Frog Camp

August 1, 1976

On a warm, overcast day with very light rain, we started south on the Pacific Crest trail from the McKenzie Highway. Soon the rain stopped but the clouds stayed all day.

We passed North Matthieu Lake high up the ridge on a new section of the Crest trail. Then down to the edge of South Matthieu. On past Yapoah Crater, Collier Glacier View and on to the Sunshine area. We had planned to go to Obsidian Falls but it had gotten very cloudy and was raining hard so we headed for Frog Camp. It rained very hard but only for about 15 minutes. After hiking a little over 14 miles in a little more than seven hours none were overly tired. Too bad only two members and the leader can take a 14 mile day hike.

Real hikers on this trip, Wayne and Lee Hatch, Ron Ackerman , Dot Leland, Mary Mathis, Velma Shirk, Mike Wright, and Bob Walden.

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