Iron Mountain

July 24, 1976

We met at 19th and Patterson parking lot and made up a party of seven cars. We proceeded north on highway I-5 to the Brownsville exit then on to Sweethome where we had a rest stop. We drove up the Santiam to the cement wall where the Forest Service building used to be across from the trail head. Thirty six of us started out up the trail. Dave Zevenbergen was my rear guard and Dr. Baldwin took care of the middle. Lots of wild flowers were out in the woods, but after we got out on the trail that started to traverse there were the most flowers in bloom that I had ever seen on this mountain.

When we got to the lookout it was almost finished except for putting in the windows. We could see from the mountains in Washington to Diamond Peak south. There were lots of pictures taken on the way down and everyone went his own way home.

Hikers on this trip were: Margaret and Ewart Baldwin, Dan, Mike, and Estelle Bates, Marie Bloom, Charles Bates, Douglas, Charie, Tim, and Brett Capps, Bobbe Dyer, Loene Ellickson, Pat Eylvesaker, Anne, Donna, and Patrick Gould, Lawrence Harkins, Art Johnson (leader), Lillian Johnson, Marian Mathews, Leona Mattson, Richard Mickelson, Anne and Carmen Olsen, Grace Smith, Thelma Watson, Patricia Widney, Vera Woolley, John, Kathy, Rick, Cheryl, Mark, Mike, and Dave Zevenbergen.

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