Dee Wright Observatory, Hand Lake, Campers Lake

July 5, 1976

We had a relatively clear day at the summit observatory, though Northern Oregon was cloudy and Hood was hiding. This was Ellen Jackson’s first time at the summit of McKenzie Pass, and to say the least, she was very impressed. It’s always fun to take a person for the first time up to the Dee Wright Observatory. There was not enough snow into Hand Lake to ski, but we did enjoy a pleasant two mile hike into the Hand Lake shelter where we enjoyed lunch. There is quite a bit of snow still in the area, but it is melting fast. After lunch we hiked out to the road (242) and since we had plenty of day time left we went searching for Campers Lake on the other side. Thanks to Merle’s scouting ability we found this lake which is snuggled behind a ridge just a quarter of a mile off the road, but seldom visited by the thousands of tourists that drive by every summer. A very complete day on the Old McKenzie Pass shared by Carol Bourgerie, Lawrence (Lonnie) Bourgerie, Barbara Durchanek, Ellen Jackson, Parker Riddle, leader, Merle Traudt, and Dorothy Turner.

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