Centennial Butte

July 3, 1976

The 18 who visited Centennial Butte (also called Pioneer Hill) which is two miles north of Coburg, enjoyed a bright hot day and pleasant short trip. They followed an old road around to the north side, then climbed to the circle of trees on top, which include six maples and one fir in the circle, and one fir in the center. There is much interesting local history attached to this landmark, some of which appeared in the July 4 Register-Guard. The surrounding countryside was beautiful with well-kept farm lands and gentle green hills. Hikers were: Laurence Hawkins, Mabel Hawkins, Jane Hilt, Ellen Jackson, Art Johnson, Lillian Johnson, Brian Johnson, Man Wai Lau, Dorothy Medill, James Meeks, Grace Morris, Ruth Nichols, Parker Riddle, Sue Riemer, Albert Rose, Grace Smith, Merle Traudt, and Mary Castelloe, leader.

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