Fall Creek Trail—Clarke Butte

June 12, 1976

Eight members and twelve non-members started hiking from Bedrock Camp about 10 a.m. At clark Creek the group divided; six to hike the Nature Trail and lunch at Clark Camp. The other 14 went 2.7 miles up Clarke Butte for lunch. Together again at 2 p.m. All except three footsore hikers went on the lower Fall Creek Trail to Dolly Varden bridge where the shuttle car was left. These excellent trails show Oregon at its best and the day was beautiful. In an effort to satisfy both the fast and slow hikers, the group was often divided but everyone went at least five miles and most covered over ten miles. The leaders thank Hazen Bressler, Arthur Porter and Merle Traudt for their help. The group: Kathy Baker, F. Baker, H. S. Bressler, Lorene Bressler, Joan Borup, Marcie Butterfield, Eileen Davis, Mary Anne Davis, W. A. Davis, Barbara Durchanek, Edythe Pearson, Eugene Pearson, Arthur Porter, Isabel Porter, Clarence and Dorothy Scherer, leaders, Helen Smith, Merle Traudt, Lori Wright, and Mike Wright.

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