Tidbits Lookout

June 5, 1976

Twelve people sowed up to hike up Tidbits Sat. June 5—a beautiful sunny day and it seemed as if the hike would be one of summer flowers and high temperatures. As we approached the shelter in the saddle, it was obvious that the people who did not have proper footwear would not be able to continue because the snowdrifts were ten to 15 ft. deep. It is unfortunate that people will show up for trips without signing up, for they miss the vital information, and, while it is unpleasant to have to tell folks to turn back because their footwear is inappropriate, it is only fair to those who come prepared for the situation. In this case, 10 folks knew the trail was under snow and that the sign up sheet had the notice “TRIP LIMITED TO THOSE WITH PROPER EQUIPMENT” and “LUG-SOLED WATERPROOF BOOTS” written in red.

There was a good variety of spring flowers, open views, steep slopes, deep snow, sun, shade, and, of course, good company. Those participating were: Phyllis Ford, leader, Helen Hughes, Catherine Jones, Ralph and Jim Nafziger, Gale Orford, Art Porter, Velma Shirk, Helen Smith, Merle Traudt, Margaret Wiese and Jim Wood.

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