Humbug Mountain

May 30, 1976

Blustery weather made this eighth trip a challenge that tested the character of 29 hikers. A start at the south end of the beach put the wind at our back and took advantage of the minus tide.

After a mile of steep beach and pounding surf a short scramble up eroded bluffs put us on the long green pasture. The growing wind and spits of rain made a shelter feel welcome for lunch. We crouched under dense myrtle behind a sharp ridge. The wind rattled overhead as we lunched in snug comfort.

From the lunch shelter one party split down the lee of the ridge to the lodge and a fire. Others in search of more adventure climbed through the wet and wind-chill of the steep exposed pasture to the sheltering trees near the summit. Once over the summit the party swung down a three mile trail through the splendid forest of the State Park to the Humbug mountain campground. The band included eight sturdy kids under ten years of age. Their parents report they all slept well that night.

Hikers were, Ralph, LaVern, Darci, & Megan Barnhard; H.S. & Lorene Bressler; Latham, Jane, & Jenny Flanagan; Dan, Debbie, Doug, Meghan, & Clint Hobbs; Munir, Gail, Nadia, & Sonia Katul; Bruce, Pam, Nathan, & Joel Strimling; Dick, Kelly, Steve, Mike, & Freeman Wicklund; John & Ruth Bascom, leaders.

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