Bicycle Tour of Santiam River Valley

May 29-30, 1976

Seven hardy bicyclists started out for Silver Creek Falls State Park on the Memorial Day weekend. We got as far as Halsey before it started to rain. Alice remembered she had forgotten to bring the tent poles. A quick phone call to our “Sag-Wagon” (bicyclists term for an assisting automobile) to meet us in Lebanon, remedied that problem. However, at Brownsville, while the bicycles were parked next to the supermarket (not under our direct vision) someone stole my camera and one of the girl’s packs. This event took almost two hours of our time and much enthusiasm out of the members. Heavy rain and winds did the rest, and we decided to camp at the Lebanon city park. Our tent poles had arrived. The Sag-Wagon took home one tired and disillusioned girl cyclist.

The next day dawned gray and dreary with rainfall imminent. We decided to turn back to Eugene. Came home through Waterloo, Crawfordsville, and Marcola; driving rain; steep hills. Our faithful Sag-Wagon once again appeared in Marcola and carried home another girl. This test ride was approximately 100 miles in two days and made us all rethink our wet weather equipment requirements.

Persons starting were, Melody Graves, and Diana Schultz. Those finishing the entire trip were, Alice Moffitt, Bobby Moffitt, Marriner Orum, Paul Orum, and the leader, Dick Moffitt.

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