Malheur Wildlife Refuge

May 29-31, 1976

Most Travelers left Friday evening intending to stay at Tumalo Falls but were diverted to KOAs and residential front yards. Bert came by Trailways to Bend and was favored with being the fourth person in the three people back seat on to the Headquarters.

Weather was changeable with, a strong wind and rain Sunday night. Saw many birds and animals and especially enjoyed the owls in the evening between Page Springs and Benson Pond. A side trip to the Round Barn and Diamond Craters was made.

Traffic from the Black Butte area to Lost Lake on the return was bumper to bumper at 5 MPH in late afternoon, but everyone arrived in Eugene while it was still Monday.

Explorer members: Norm Adams, Allen Blunck, Helen Blunck, Keith and Paul Blunck, Bob Fish, Aileen Hatch, Keith Hatch, Kevin Kirk and Al Niems. Others: Bert Ewing, Al Gamache, Theresa Gamache and Christine and Mark Gamache, John and Lenore and Rich McManigal, Glen Meares, Glen Miller, Mike Niems, Merle Traudt, Frank and Wilma Moore, leader.

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