Local Eugene Bike Ride

May 9, 1976

This was the Mother’s Day pre-breakfast bike ride. Dick and Rose Marie Moffitt rode their bikes from the northeast side of Springfield to join us on this one, and Wes Prouty came from up the Marcola road. Others on the trip were Larry Mathews a U of O student on his first Obsidian trip; Jan Middleswart who had done the 80 mile Bike-a-thon the day before—just for a warmup; Velma Shirk, and Marriner Orum, leader.

We toured along the Amazon past the Fairgrounds, then over to the river, packing our bikes across the railroad tracks. We toured along the river to Springfield, then back along Franklin Blvd. We started up the long grade to the lodge. Jan made her kick and moved out like a shot but she found the hill a little long. We all arrived at the lodge at about 10:30 a.m. for a super breakfast. We had no flat tires and nobody got lost!

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