Mt. Pisgah

May 1, 1976

After parking our cars at the farmhouse, Barbara Newton of the Arboretum Society, took us on a tour of the Arboretum site and explained some of the plans for the future of the International Arboretum. The path along the river was wet, rough, and muddy, but the wildflowers were everywhere, especially blue and yellow patches of camas and buttercups. We made a loop hike of 3½ miles up to the top, where we had lunch and enjoyed the excellent view of the surrounding countryside and the snowcapped mountains in the distance. The weather was perfect! Coming down the mountain we took the graveled road and arrived back at the cars by 2:30. Before leaving the Howard Buford Park we stopped and watched the colorful hang gliders taking off from the lower slopes. It was a delightful day everything so green and fresh in the meadows and the right amount of sunshine and color. A neat place for an afternoon hike! May Day hikers included, Sandy Fender, Jeanelle Fender, Dot Leland (the leader), Aileen Lyman, Elizabeth McMullin, Dorothy Medill, Dick Mickelson, Ruth Nichols, Connie Paciorik, Helmut Plant, Arthur Porter, Isabel Porter, Marian Streeter, Derek Streeter, Ted Stern, Dorothy Tyler, Angela Tyler, Cheryl Tyler, Curtis Tyler, and Georgia Wilson.

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