Finley Wildlife Refuge

April 10, 1976

We started out on our “drive and hike” tour of the refuge by making a loop around the Brown swamp just north of the refuge headquarters. Next we drove over to the waterfowl display pool—had lunch and enjoyed watching the acorn woodpeckers in the big oak trees nearby. On to Pigeon Butte where we made another stop to hike up to the top of the Butte where we had an excellent view of the surrounding countryside, then on around the rip rap quarry to the mineral spring and back. John, the refuge biologist, then led us along roads not open to the public until we came to the southern end of the refuge to a large parking lot. As we got out of the cars over 3,000 dusky Canadian geese took off and circled nervously around over the fields. When they settled down we were able to observe them through the scope and binoculars, we could even distinguish some of the branded ones with yellow bands. Near the exit we were lucky to watch another huge flock feeding about 200 yards from the road. This was the seventh annual trip to Finley and the first time we ever saw so many birds at close range.

We thanked our guide for another different and interesting Finley experience and arrived back in Eugene by 4:00 p.m.

Geese gawkers this time were, Mary Bridgeman, Peter Cecil, Virginia Derickson, Gail Grady, Kevin Grady, Leona Mattson, Cheryl Ruby, Robert Ruby, Charlene Simpson, Merle Traudt, Georgia Wilson, and Dorothy Leland, leader.

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