Barite Mine

April 4, 1976

Ten people assembled at the school parking lot at 19th & Patterson Sts. and proceeded to the parking lot of Courtwrights Market in Springfield where we picked up Leo Paschelke, our leader for the trip. Then in four cars the party started out through Jasper to Lowell and up the old road around Lookout Point Reservoir to the Barite mine, where Leo showed us the place where the mine was originally discovered on the surface, then he opened the plank door and everyone, using flash lights, went inside to inspect the crystal formations and pick up samples, etc. We also went up to a small cave just above the mine a short ways.

Later everyone got back in the cars and went back toward Lowell a few miles to the trail head to the Old Indian caves in that area. Everyone put on boots and packs and we started up the trail. Leo gave several short lessons along the way on Forestry, trees, geology, and petrified wood. We stopped for lunch in a nice glade along the way. Soon we were under way again. We inspected some large boulders at the foot of cliff, part of the group went up the cliff to the Caves and lookout, took pictures, etc. We inspected the rock formations and scenery then we all gathered down slope from the caves in a clearing where some were soaking up sunshine and taking it easy. After thirty minutes of resting, talking, etc., we started back down the trail to the cars, and home. Arrived there around 5 p.m. Those on the trip were: John Davis, Virginia Derickson, Neal Kalez, Leo Paschelke (leader), Henrietta Richmond, Parker Riddle, Dorothy & Clarence Scherer, Merle Traudt, Robert Walden, and Carol White.

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