Mohawk Valley Bike Trip

March 28, 1976

We met at the Springfield Mall parking lot at 1:00 p.m. Skies were partly sunny upon departure but soon turned to rain. George took a spill, crossing a railroad track, and we were pretty wet as we took refuge under the canopy of the Hayden Bridge Arco station. Nancy, having just moved here from southern California, was ready to turn back. We persuaded her to go on to the Mohawk Cabinet Shop with us, where we had a drying-out session in front of an electric heater. Then the sun came out and we completed the trip with just a trace of rain. Everybody, apparently, enjoyed the back country along Sunderman Rd. to Mohawk, Mill Rd. to old Marcola Rd., and back to Hayden Bridge, before hitting the traffic route to return to the mall at 4:00 p.m.

This trip makes a good 17 mile Sunday after church trip. It was a sunshine and showers day for Liz Glover, George and Velma Porter, Nancy Weaverling, and Wes Prouty, leader.

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