Cap Hagen or Mt. Hagan

February 28, 1976

We visited the site of a fire lookout station plus a radio signal booster station on this trip. Many years ago the Forest Service established the lookout station which was reached by a trail up from the McKenzie Hiway. Later on a rather primitive road was built in from Gate Creek to the top to build the concrete pillbox structure with its antenna and a motor which has always been running whenever we have been there. At some time in the past the use of the lookout station was transferred to the State Forestry Department. It is in good condition and looked like it had been used fairly recently.

The McKenzie side of the slope has been logged off in past years about ¾s of the way to the top and we now walk old logging roads up to the trail. The trees are growing up again and the ruts and muddiness of the road are disappearing under the forest duff making it again much like a trail.

The old trail is gradually sliding down the slope and disappearing under limbs and other forest deadfall, but it can still be used. Almost at the top the old trail stops at a large log barrier which has been placed to retain the road grade.

In spite of man’s handiwork this still remains an interesting trip. There is a very good view from the top in good weather and finding the old trail is always a challenge.

The hikers were, Joe Eagan, Lee Hatch, and Helen Smith, leader.

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