Hendricks Park–Spencer Butte

via the Ribbon Trail
January 18, 1976

This was the fourth annual pilgrimage to Spencer Butte from Hendricks Park. This year the number of participants dropped to seven from the usual twenty or so. Those on the hike were: Merle Traudt, Clarence Landes, Helen Smith, Ted Stern, Bob Walden, Teresa Nutt, and Marriner Orum, the leader.

The day was quite cool and foggy. We saw the sun for but a minute or two during the entire day. Because of the cool day the lunch break was quite short. The leader failed to pack along a warming stove and hot chocolate.

With Merle’s sharp eye we saw deer on two different occasions. That is more than we can usually say for most trips into the national forest.

We had hoped to climb out of the fog as we climbed the Butte. The Butte seems to be growing higher every year but it hadn’t grown high enough so that we could get out of the fog and into the sunshine. We reached the top at 2:30 p.m. and were back at Hendricks Park by 4:00 p.m.

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